Accreditation & Management

Who does the accreditation?

The accreditation for our therapists and case manager comes from an organisation in Western Australia called Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay (ISADD). Their accreditation is vital to the quality and credibility of the service which our families receive.

ISADD has a network of psychologists and case managers who supervise programs. They are widely connected to therapists and volunteers. Case managers and therapists are also based in cities throughout New Zealand, including Dunedin.

What do ISADD do for clients
in New Zealand?

  • regular visits to NZ – approximately three times each year
  • conduct in-depth assessments to accurately establish the abilities of children
  • provide specific strategies and individual programmes to work towards developmental, educational and behavioural goals
  • train therapists, including working directly with the child on programmes when required
  • run workshops – these are of interest to parents, teachers and all people who are involved in the care and support of children with ASD. Topics vary, and are decided between ISADD and local support groups.

About the directors

Jura Tender is an Australian clinical psychologist who works from a behavioural framework. She has extensive experience in working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and with their families. She started working with children with sensory impairments, and then trained at the UCLA Young Autism Project with I. O. Lovaas.

Jura has been central in introducing ABA therapy to Australia and has worked to establish better diagnostic practices.

Together with Jennifer Bollard, Jura is heading ISADD, which has become a leading provider of services to people with autism in Australia as well as Ireland, Indonesia, Singapore and Lithuania. Both Jura and Jenny are acknowledged as leaders in their field and have presented professional workshops and seminars throughout Australia. They also consult widely with clients interstate and overseas.

Otago Children’s Autism Support Group Contacts


Nicola Herbert
ph: (03) 454 6567


Lynlee von Ballmoos
ph: (03) 453 4812

Grants Officer

Rachel Mortimer
ph (03) 453 0757