Diagnosis of Autism

Why getting an early diagnosis is important

Having your child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) enables parents and caregivers to better understand the child and learn about how to manage the child’s behaviour. Specific intervention methods can be put in place to teach the child the skills needed to fit in to our world. The earlier that this intervention occurs, the better outcome for the child and family.

A diagnosis will also help get access to funding and resources that are available, albeit limited. Government funding and resources available within New Zealand are:

Getting a diagnosis

If you think your young child has autism, the first port of call is to talk to your doctor (GP) or Plunket Nurse. They will likely refer you to a pediatrician or to a Child Development Service which is part of your local public hospital.

A formal diagnosis is not required to get support from our trust.

diagnosis of autism

Otago Children’s Autism Support Group Contacts


Nicola Herbert
ph: (03) 454 6567
e-mail: nicolaherbert@xtra.co.nz


Lynlee von Ballmoos
ph: (03) 453 4812
e-mail: lynlee@vitalcolour.co.nz

Grants Officer

Rachel Mortimer
ph (03) 453 0757
e-mail: morts@xtra.co.nz