How funding works

In New Zealand, ABA therapy is not funded by the government. The funding that our trust receives for therapy and case management ensures that the children get excellent and crucial developmental support that is targeted to the individual needs of the child.

Our members are well aware of the financial strain of privately-funded interventions. We try to alleviate financial pressure as much as possible. Our fundraising initiatives include an annual magic show, cutting and selling firewood, a Wacky Hair Day for schools in Autism Awareness Week, selling raffles and pens, and sausage sizzles.

Our trust also applies to charitable trusts and foundations for assistance in meeting therapy and case management costs for each child. We cannot guarantee full funding for each child, but we work hard to provide a significant portion of the cost. The families involved are encouraged to put some money aside to contribute to therapy when funds are unavailable from the trust.

Our thanks for the kind support from:

We are indebted to these funders who have supported our cause. Without their support, our families would not be able to afford effective programmes for their children with ASD.

Please contribute

In the past year, our costs have doubled to $10,000 per month, and funding is getting harder to find. We are always searching for more organisations who are able to contribute in some way.

Children on the autism spectrum have the ability to learn and interact, and ABA helps develop the skills to enable each child to reach their full potential. It is difficult for parents who want the best for their child yet are crippled by the financial burden. If you or your organisation can make a donation and help improve this situation, please either contact us or use the button below.

Otago Children’s Autism Support Group Contacts


Nicola Herbert
ph: (03) 454 6567


Lynlee von Ballmoos
ph: (03) 453 4812

Grants Officer

Rachel Mortimer
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