meet the therapists

Hi, I'm Carmen.


I’m the case manager for the team here. I enjoy being a behaviour therapist as I love children. I enjoy finding out what makes each and every one of them the wonderful individual that they are. Every child has their own unique thing to teach us and I enjoy learning from them as I help them achieve their own personal goals.

I studied psychology and neuroscience at the University of Otago. I hope to one day qualify as a clinical psychologist so I can keep helping children achieve their potential.

Hey, I’m Jessie.


I am a third year psychology student at the University of Otago. With my degree coming to an end I am thrilled to be jumping on board with the ISAAD team. Through working with the kids and their dedicated families, I have become a huge advocate for ABA therapy. The kids’ motivation and willingness to learn makes my day, and I am excited to watch them grow.

Hi, I’m Emily.


I first worked with ISADD 12yrs ago in Australia. I realized the huge potential ABA therapy has for improving children's lives. I thoroughly enjoy seeing dramatic shifts in behavior and development as well as enjoying the challenge of working alongside children and their families to achieve their goals.

With a BA in Social Work and extensive experience across the social sector in NZ, Australia and abroad, I'm excited to be part of ISADD's New Zealand team.

Otago Children’s Autism Support Group Contacts


Nicola Herbert
ph: (03) 454 6567


Lynlee von Ballmoos
ph: (03) 453 4812

Grants Officer

Rachel Mortimer
ph (03) 453 0757